Wireless Connect, a new smart wireless switch control system, has been launched by Ring, enabling the vehicle conversion market to save up to 35 per cent on productivity by embracing wireless switching technology.
Removing the need for miles and miles of wires, the new product provides 12V power and has a single-point switch operation for efficient installation, saving valuable time.
Including eight fused output channels, the product enables eight switches to be controlled via one user interface, offering an easier connection for ancillary electrical products. A unique signal pairing also allows two switch panels to be used at the same time, one for in the front cabin of the vehicle and another in the rear.
Connecting to the vehicle’s 12V battery and offering 60Amp capacity, it is powerful enough to operate multiple ancillaries at the same time.
For added safety, there is a manual override function, enabling users to take control in case of an emergency.
For vehicle operators, all switches can be conventionally placed, with all switches in one panel and the ability to operate from front, rear or remotely. With fewer connections and one central wiring point, fault finding is simpler and vehicles can be back in operation quickly.
The product comes complete with a switch remote with backlit illumination for low lighting and a docking station for secure fitment and recharging. The remote can be personalised to suit individual requirements and features a lithium battery for quick, efficient recharging.
For more information on the Wireless Connect, visit here or call the Ring Specialist Vehicle division to discuss your requirements on 0113 213 7396.