Developing industry leading power management solutions


In 2016 Carnation Designs was acquired by Ring Automotive and become Ring Carnation, a specialist division focused on developing industry leading power management solutions for the vehicle conversion sector.

Transforming a vehicle into a mobile work unit requires many products and multiple disciplines. Combined with Ring Automotive’s 40 years vehicle lighting and auto electronics knowledge, Ring Carnation offers a unique proposition to transform vehicles with power and light, enabling vehicles to operate safely as mobile work units in various extreme conditions.

Ring Carnation services the emergency and specialist vehicle sectors with intelligent switching and power management systems to maintain correct battery power.

Power Management Our genisys™ technology is an integral part of many converted vehicles on the roads, configured to each vehicle’s power demands and able to manage those power demands for efficient operation. The genisys™ system manages the numerous applications within the vehicle to ensure power is maintained and provides safer working vehicles for the fleet manager and work force.

Powering and Charging When working remotely having a source of mains power is vital to ensure tools and other equipment on the vehicle can be operated efficiently. Being able to charge both the chassis battery and an auxiliary battery is also a must to ensure maximum power is always available. Working either separately or in conjunction with our genisys™ technology packages, or range of inverters and charging equipment ensures maximum work efficiency.

Rear Working Area The essence of converting a vehicle is to make it suitable as a mobile work station. It is often the rear of the vehicle that is converted to make the mobile operating platform possible. Ring Carnation have a large range of lighting to make working on-site easier and more importantly, safer. All our lighting packages ensure industry guidelines of correct light level are adhered to.

Safe Working Good scene lighting is important for illuminating the area of work both internally and externally. Warning lights are as important so other road users can see you more clearly while working. It is essential that correct external illumination and hazard warning systems meet the relevant legislations

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Here at Ring Carnation we pride ourselves in a commitment to quality and customer service, using the latest testing methods to ensure our products work exactly as they should in the field.

Data Logging To validate performance of multi-stage chargers, data loggers allow charging curves to be analysed and checked against the requirements of different automotive battery types. Output waveforms from inverters are measured and approved using oscilloscopes or spectrum analysers to ensure they conform to the required standard.

Environmental Testing To ensure products perform in all relevant environments, temperature testing is carried out in both hot and cold thermal chambers. Products are subject to impact, vibration, chemical and water resistance tests.

Life Testing Products are not only tested to conform to specification, but also to conform to appropriate standards of life time use.

Lighting Laboratory Designed and developed by Ring Carnation, it’s lighting laboratory is a unique installation that allows it to carry out product testing and performance verification beyond that laid down by international standards. The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the latest ProMetric CCD light imaging photometer. Not only does this equipment allow the overall measurement of light output but it also helps define true operating times of useable light levels for inspection lamps. In-house software designers and engineers are continuously improving technology to make sure we stay ahead of the game.