Support for all public service vehicles


Buses, coaches and public service vehicles, may seem remarkably unsophisticated from a power-management perspective, but beneath the exterior, which is aimed at being welcoming to the passengers, are detailed electronic systems to help vehicles carry out what passengers need them to do, with in built safety mechanisms.

For example, mini-buses converted to transport disabled or vulnerable passengers, need to have reliable power to operate wheel chair lifts and have intelligent switch control systems to notify drivers that all passenger have their seat belts on.

The high throughput of customers on and off creates unique operating challenges. Our systems are designed for industrial applications only, ensuring reliability and consistency for applications that are used frequently day in and day out.

Summary of key benefits to Fleet Managers:

  • Reliable and stable power to manage additional electronic loads.

  • Specific safety controls built in to safeguard passengers, but also aid drivers.

  • Minimise information overload to the driver with one central key pad.

  • Fail-safe audio and visual warnings integrated into the system.