genisys™ SWITCH PANEL - 16 KEY


  • Illuminated fully configurable keys
  • Built in buzzer for immediate key press confirmation
  • LED warning indicators built in to the 6 & 12 way keypads
  • The 18 way comes with a two line LCD display
  • Separate night time brightness settings
  • DIN compatible using adapter fascia
At the ‘front-end’ of genisys™ control systems are user-friendly keypad interfaces, with a variety of models available to suit wide ranging customer applications. Forming part of the genisys™ modular concept, systems can contain up to three keypads, quickly connected using data cables. Core variants include 6, 12, 16 and 18-way, and key positions can be configured for key press or to act as additional warning lamps.
genisys™ keypads are designed to be mounted within a standard vehicle DIN aperture for ease of fitment and to minimise installation impact upon base vehicles. Additional models are available including larger switch variants, mobile PC backup ‘Hotkey suites’, and fully bespoke panels manufactured to customer specifications are available