Ring Carnation returns to the CV Show, focusing on educating visitors about its offerings. From April 23rd to 25th at stand 5D86, Ring Carnation staff will showcase their products and demonstrate how they enhance work environments.

As a specialist in vehicle conversion electronics, Ring Carnation has been a leading supplier of switching systems to emergency services since 1995, with genisys™ as the preferred controller.
Visitors at stand 5D86 can explore the genisys™ system, witnessing its management of various vehicle applications to ensure consistent power and enhance safety for fleet managers and workers.

The genisys™ family includes ECUs, Output Modules, diverse user interfaces (Keypads, Touch Screens), CAN Bus interface modules, and Protocol Converters for seamless integration with third-party systems.

Attendees can also discover the Wireless Switching Power Hub, reducing installation time by up to 35 percent. This Power Hub offers eight output ports with a total rating of 60A, simplifying connection for ancillary electrical items.

Beyond intelligent switch control and power management, Ring Carnation transforms vehicles into efficient mobile work units with its range of hazard, work, and interior lighting, ensuring visibility for all road users.

As part of ams-OSRAM, Ring Carnation showcases OSRAM’s heavy-duty driving and work lights, enhancing their display at the show.