Genisys James BondStep into the intriguing world of our Ring Carnation Production department, where it's not all about Ambulances and Welfare Vehicles! A few years ago, we delved into the realm of cinematic glamour by providing a genisys™ power management kit to a film studio. The mission? To install it on a James Bond replica car destined for a high-profile corporate PR event.

Our behind-the-scenes adventure resulted in a sleek keypad integration, and we're excited to share some exclusive images of the sophisticated controls. However, the thrill didn't stop there. Regrettably, we missed the chance to put the vehicle's 'Machine Guns' and 'Ejector Seat' to the test—a minor setback attributed to the ever-vigilant guardians of Health and Safety regulations.

Undeterred, we're setting our sights on the future. With enthusiasm as our fuel, we're hopeful that our innovative solutions will catch the attention of 'Q-Branch' and 'MI5'. As we usher in 2024, our sales team is gearing up for a mission to expand our customer base into the realms of espionage and cutting-edge technology. Fingers crossed for an exciting year ahead! 🕵️‍♂️🚗