Workplace on the Move


Transforming a vehicle into a mobile work unit, like breakdown recovery vehicles, welfare vans or utility/engineering maintenance vehicles, requires many products and multiple disciplines. Through our knowledge of vehicle electronics and lighting we are in a unique position to help vehicle builders with cost effective and reliable installations with “plug and play” technology, yet at the same time provide a safe working area for fleet managers and crew.

It is common that the rear of a converted vehicle is the main works station area. Our lighting applications illuminate the rear of a vehicle as the platform for the vehicle to operate as mobile works unit. Our work light, interior lighting and hazard lighting provide essential illumination to keep crew safe and warn other road -users.

Summary of key benefits to Vehicle Converters and Fleet Managers:
  • Cost effective, quick and reliable installation and maintenance
  • Time to market significantly reduced
  • Installer familiarisation & “Plug & Play” technology leads to faster installation
  • Rapid fault diagnosis
  • Reliable and repeatable installs across volume installations
  • Technologically advanced switching system supports function and interaction complexity
  • Configurable, modular hardware architecture for centralising or multiplexing components

Breakdown recovery vehicles act as an office and a mobile garage all rolled into one. In the back, where the tools and workshop equipment are stored, a vehicle converter will have fitted a racking system, interior lights and access to mains power. The rest of the vehicle will have been fitted with hazard warning lights and work lights. In the front there will be computer system that allows the breakdown mechanic to work remotely.

All these extras require power management. The last thing a recovery vehicle needs is for itself to have to be recovered. That is why genysis™ systems are installed on breakdown recovery vehicles. It helps manage the power between the auxiliary battery and the main battery, so that when power is being consumed on a job, the recovery vehicle itself will be looked after and will be able to get to the next job. Plus with our comprehensive range of lighting and inverters we able to offer vehicle convertors and fleet managers a complete package.

To the untrained eye a welfare vehicle looks like an ordinary mini-bus. However, welfare vehicles have been radically altered, to give off-site workers a place where they can rest, escape the elements and access basic facilities.

Specialist vehicle conversion companies have taken the shell of a mini-bus adn transformed it so that workers can use a sink to wash up, microwaves for heating food and have a completely separated toilet area.

All of this requires power management and lighting. Our ability to supply intelligent switch controls, power management and work lighting has made us a key supplier to leading welfare vehicle conversion companies.

Our inverters are needed to operate mains powered installed electronics like a microwaves. While overseeing everything is the genysis™ system to ensure power isn’t drained from either the auxiliary battery or main battery.

Whether being used by highway maintenance or construction or demolition teams, our products help workers have access to shelter, cooking facilities and a toilet all in one vehicle.

Very similar to recovery vehicles, a utility vehicle is a mobile office on wheels, plus a workstation with tools and equipment. Whether being used by telecommunication, electrical or mechanical engineers, utility vehicles will have been transformed with lighting and power to be operational.

To ensure these vehicles aren’t stranded or limited by where they can go, our genysis™ system, inverters and lighting are installed.