Special purpose vehicles


Emergency service vehicles are complicated machines with sophisticated electronics on board to save lives and keep people safe. At their heart they remain a vehicle that needs to get from A-B. Ring Carnation’s genisys™ operating system provides power control and switch management to enable vehicles to respond to incidents and carry out their duties consistently.

In the ambulance sector, vehicles have a wide variety of life saving equipment that is vital to work when needed. As such ambulance authorities in the UK have been working together to create a standard specification for the vehicle builders to work from. This creates efficiency in maintenance and simplifies installation. This standardised layout ensures ambulance crews can quickly and easily access the equipment they require, with potentially life-saving results.

Ring Carnation partners with specialist vehicle builders and various NHS Trusts up and down the country to provide a standardized system across multiple different vehicles and application requirements. The nature of genisys™ as a system, means it can be customized for different applications that share the same operating systems, helping to create a common standard in the ambulance sector.

The Police service has the widest variety of vehicles from dog vans and standard patrol cars to custody and riot vans. Such a variety of vehicle make genisys™ and Ring Carnation’s proposition suitable placed; providing bespoke solutions with a common operating platform.

Summary of key benefits to the emergency sectors:
  • Minimise information overload through standardised intuitive console design
  • Automated functions like ‘Arrive At Scene mode’ mean simpler operation
  • Ensure Health and Safety compliance through fail-safe audio/ visual warnings
  • Prolong battery life and keep the vehicle functioning for longer through reliable load distribution
  • Tailor the system to meet operator needs through simple yet configurable keypads

Ring Carnation provides control systems for NHS ambulance fleets along with many UK private operators. The support networks are enhanced by the strong working relationships between Ring Carnation and operators to maintain essential consistent performance.

Emergency systems fitted to a variety of vehicles means bespoke and often complex installation to operate this crucial networked functionality. Reliability is key and Ring Carnation offers a full support package to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Fire & Rescue
Offering a tailored approach to this vital service by managing multiple devices, Ring Carnation works closely with key conversion specialists to offer this bespoke service.