Safety at work is paramount when the workspace is mobile. At the roadside or on work sites, dangerous operating positions may be unavoidable, so correct work lighting is vital to keep workers - and any third parties – seen and safe.


Exterior lighting solutions originally designed for heavy duty use on emergency and specialist commercial vehicles. Providing vital area lighting these weatherproof LED work lamps provide bright, clear and crisp illumination over large areas – essential for safety at work.


Keep workers and other road users safe from hazards with essential warning strobes, which feature high light output yet low current draw. All models are synchronisable and can be fitted in a range of places including grilles, open doors and tailgates.

An LED lightbar will highlight the whole vehicle. They are super bright and are available in a range of sizes and fixings to suit any vehicle roof.

Beacons are roof mounted and should be illuminated when moving around the site, moving slowly or when stationery.


These compact interior LEDs draw a low wattage and are available as slimline and baton styles so the light is distributed evenly when fitted in low level roof linings or discreetly within an area of a vehicle or trailer.


Vehicle lighting in a commercial setting is a safety essential. Ring’s comprehensive range of LED rear lighting is designed for commercial use and uses the latest in OE LED units