The vehicle battery power that is managed around the vehicle by the genisys™ system ultimately has to be looked after constantly to ensure the vehicle can be on the road. This means ensuring both the main battery and any secondary batteries are fully charged. From Ring Carnation’s parent company, comes an extensive range of professional battery chargers, analyses and jumpstarters, reducing downtime and improving running costs.

Ring’s range of professional battery tools help diagnose, repair and recharge batteries, to ensure better performance and longer life. All Ring’s battery maintenance range is designed for intensive, long-term use in workshops, fleets and other professional environments.


On a converted vehicle for specialist applications like emergency service vehicles, it is common to have two batteries, then main battery and the auxiliary battery. As an alternative to split relay systems, our DC-2-DC chargers can provide faster, more intelligent charging, ensuring the batteries are kept in good condition with power always available. It also has a programmable input voltage range to allow compatibility with smart alternators.

Ring’s range of professional chargers have been designed specifically to withstand the tough working environment found at fleet depots and workshop garages. With SmartCharging units offering 30A, 50A and 60A charging rates, compatible for both 12Vand 24V vehicles fleet managers can have their vehicles batteries fully optimised and charged quickly.


While it is important to keep batteries fully charged, they are not the only component in the vehicle’s starting system. Using Ring’s battery analysers or multi-function volt meter, specially for automotive use, technicians can diagnose faults in the battery, alternator, starter motor or vehicle’s earthing points. Quick diagnoses and fault finding,  in-turn allows mechanics to fix the problems quickly and reduce down time. As part of regular checks the analysers provide a complete health check of the battery and electrical systems of any 12V and 24V vehicle.


When a vehicle has been off the road and allowed to stand idle, a battery will naturally discharge. To get it going quickly, Ring’s range of professional jumpstaters and heavy duty booster cables provide high amp output to get flat batteries turning over and the engine started in any demanding situation.