genisys™ technology tailored to the individual vehicle
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Power efficiency solutions for remote working
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Vital illumination for external and internal work areas
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Transforming vehicles into mobile work units requires various specialities. Through our knowledge of vehicle electronics and lighting, Ring Carnation has focused on being a single source supplier of power and lighting.

We design and install intelligent power management and switch control systems across a variety of applications including emergency services, welfare vans, utility and engineering service vehicles through to leisure, bus and military vehicles.

Central to our offering to customers is our unique genisys™ system that combines vehicle power management through intelligent switch control and the provision of remote power, so vehicles can operate safely as mobile work units. Already an integral part of many different specialist vehicles, genisys’™ strength is its complete configurability to any vehicle’s power demands. The product’s flexibility – coupled to the modular design – has benefited vehicle converters and fleet managers in both the blue light and specialised commercial vehicle markets.
Introducing intelligent power management
genisys™: the heart of your electrical system
genisys™ user interfaces
To ensure vehicle users can perform their tasks remotely, power must be managed around the vehicle. The genisys™ system is at the heart of a vehicle's electrical structure and allows the operator to control multiple outputs and know that the vehicle battery power is being maintained.
Pure Sine Wave Inverters
Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Charging Solutions
While genisys™ manages the power around the vehicle, our range of inverters provide reliable, consistent remote power that meets the exacting standards needed in converted vehicles. Producing a pure 230V AC output with a harmonic frequency distortion of 4-5% ensures electronic devices with sensitive components operate fault free in remote locations whether they need 600W or 3000W outputs.
Interior Lighting
Scene Lighting
Hazard Lighting
A mobile work vehicle has to make itself visible, for the safety of the vehicle operator and other road users. It is also essential that remote operators need correct scene lighting to do their job in low light levels or at night. Ring Carnation has an extensive range of hazard lighting, scene lighting and interior lighting.
Camera Systems
High Level Brake Cameras
Reversing Alarms
Minimizing downtime and keeping vehicles on the road is paramount for any mobile working vehicle. Camera systems and reversing aids give drivers control and help reduce accidents. Dash Cameras can also help when incident do occur, to settle insurance claim quickly.