Traditional and typical vehicle conversions


Ring Carnation’s core product group is the electrical power management system – genisys™. Originally designed to service the “blue light” emergency service sector it is the number 1 in power control and switch management, providing a key service within the specialist conversion industry.

When it comes to complex mission critical vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigades and police vehicles, ensuring intelligent and reliable battery load distribution is vital to not only minimize vehicle downtime, but to also keep life-saving equipment and vital electronics functioning in emergency situations.  genisys™ is optimized for these and other very high-demand vehicles, acting as the gateway to all auxiliary equipment, reducing battery loads through intelligent monitoring and efficient power distribution.

Ring Carnation is uniquely positioned in the market with its additional covering of inverters, work lighting, hazard lighting and interior lighting to offer customers a one-stop shop tailored solution for a multitude of sectors from ambulances to welfare vehicles.

vehicle overview Below is an extensive list of vehicle types that we supply applications for:

Beat / Area Car / Traffic Cars / Armed Response Vehicle (A.R.V.)
Tactical Fire Arms Vehicles / Dog Vans / Mobile Police Stations / Command & Control
Horse Boxes /  Covert / Riot / PSU Vans / Cell Vans

Rapid Response Vehicles (R.R.V.) /  Patient Transport Service |(P.T.S.)  High Dependency (H.D.U.)
Bariatric A&E/ Paramedic / Command & Control  /Driver Training  Officers Cars / Variable Purpose Vehicles (V.P.V.)

Command & Control / Fire Tenders / Training / Demonstration Units / Hazardous Area Response
Command & Control / Light Equipment Carriers / Rapid Response / Crew Carriers / Hookloaders / Refrigeration Vehicles

Other Specialist
Mobile Libraries / Motorway Traffic Response / Roadside Assistance / Slideback Recovery Vehicles
Custodial & Prisoner Transfer / Mobile Workshops /Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses
Expedition / Rally Support Vehicles / Mobile Tire Fitting Units / Outside Broadcast Vehicles
Utility Engineers Vehicles / Messing Vehicles / Military / Motorway Maintenance Welfare Vehicles / Tradesmen Vehicles.