RING NEWS RunLock System


RunLockAmbulance services in the UK have been investing in rapid response vehicles to get to patients quicker. This allows patients to be treated while waiting for a bigger ambulance to arrive. However, these vehicles are desirable and are often singly manned. Preventing their theft, whilst at the same time allowing the first responder to operate equipment, is vitally important...

To solve this problem Ring Carnation has developed the RunLock system. In January our team at Ring Carnation fitted 23 Genisys Power Management kits for Wales Ambulance Service. They were installed on Toyota RAV4 Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV's). The RunLock is designed so that a vehicle can be left securely locked with the engine running to power radios, lights and other ancillary devices without the battery going flat.

The Ring Carnation team worked together to turn this into a finished product in less than 3 weeks, completing a customer order within the quoted lead-time and placing yet more potentially life-saving Genisys-equipped vehicles into service.