Tucked away in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, is a coach building firm that, through innovation, has become the market leader. Treka Bus, which specialises in the manufacture of wheelchair accessible mini buses, has seen their business quadruple in size over the last seven years. Ring Carnation has been part of this success.
Treka Bus produce seven vehicles a week, now owns a fibreglass production plant and has 75 staff. Morgan Clissett, Production Director at Treka Bus, underlines the reason for their success. “Unlike other public transport vehicles, our buses are often the only lifeline for wheelchair users. They must be reliable, comfortable and safe. We therefore only use the highest quality components from the main vehicle through to the wiring, Our customers appreciate the superior quality and finish of our vehicles and how the extra built-in features benefit the wheelchair users.” “We now have an enviable reputation where charities are prepared to fundraise for one of our buses rather than choose another supplier. We will flex to their needs but will also keep on incorporating the latest technology to ensure all our buses are fit for purpose.”
Ring Carnation has been working with Treka Bus since 2010. The genisys™ units allow the driver to control multiple inputs from a simple control panel - having the hazard lights flash when a tail lift is being operated or ensuring the bus cannot drive away until all doors are closed.
“Ring Carnation has been a key supply partner for us. Their genisys™ units ensure our buses are integrally safe and are reliable. Being experts in their field means that we can trust them to deliver. Importantly for us, the working relationship with Ring Carnation ensures that if there are any fitting issues, they are a call away and they will jump on it to resolve the issue,” continued Morgan.
“They also get us! If we decide to roll out a universal change to our specification, Ring Carnation will ensure their units will cope. For example – we recently
installed new audible seat belt warnings and illuminated signs in our buses. Within the day Ring Carnation had re-programmed their units to make this change possible.”
“Using the genisys™ system significantly cuts down on the time we might spend wiring the systems together. It’s efficiencies like these that have allowed our business to grow so significantly over the last seven years.”
Richard Morley, Head of Ring Carnation, added, “Our long working relationship with Treka Bus has pushed us to be adaptive and flexible, which is now our core strength. Not all converted vehicles will have the same built-in features, but our genisys™ units, through working in partnership with Treka Bus, are designed to fit with the needs of each individual vehicle and customer.”