genisys™ ECU


  • 24 Digital Inputs - 16 High Side 8 Low Side
  • 4 Analogue inputs
  • Monitor up to 4 separate battery banks
  • Battery voltages displayed on keypad LCD
  • NEW temperature monitoring feature available
  • Supports 15 additional genisys input, output or user interface modules
  • 2 programmable audio channels with independent volume setting
  • Vehicle Radio mute output available
  • PC interface port
  • I/O status indicator

At the heart of every genisys power management system is the electronic control unit (ECU), governing communication between all modules.

genisys is a programmable logic controller (PLC), with the ECU acting as the commanding module. This intelligent node monitors digital and analogue inputs and instructs other system modules, which can be multiplexed around the vehicle. 

Every genisys system operates uniquely according to program logic that has been bespoke-tailored to each vehicle application. ‘genisys 128’ operating software is configured to customer preferences by Carnation’s engineers and then uploaded to the ECU. Subsequently the ECU holds information on the complete system setup including module types and addresses. Status lamps to the front of the module indicate if I/O is not responding correctly, aiding rapid vehicle fault finding. If any of the system components fail to respond correctly then an error report can be sent to Keypad LCDs and/or audible voice alerts. This feature facilitates rapid fault finding, reducing time to diagnose installation issues and to action in-field repairs. 

When used in conjunction with a genisys CAN module the ECU can monitor intelligent base vehicle inputs and use these conditions to drive system logic.

Typical genisys 128 logic features actioned by the ECU module include ‘auto-functions’ engaged without need for keypad input, ‘load-shedding’ sequences to preserve battery life and Carnation’s audible ‘Voice Alerts’, which provide audible information relating to hazard warnings and operator instructions. 

genisys ECU: the heart of emergency vehicle electronics since 2007.