introducing intelligent power management


When a vehicle operates as a mobile work unit, whether that be an ambulance or a breakdown recovery vehicle, it will need specialist power management technology installed to ensure it is able to stay running on the roads and be used for the tasks required.


Ring Carnation offer customers a unique proposition of vehicle power management with provision of remote power.

Our genisys™ system is a culmination of many years’ experience in the specialist vehicle electronic management market, swapping the traditional ‘switches and relays’ approach for a modular intelligent design approach.

Using genisys™ means vehicle converters have a technologically advanced, flexible and low-cost solution that can be tailored to suit any vehicle needs, fleet managers ensure minimal vehicle downtime and minimise total cost of ownership; while vehicle operators are assured of optimal safety and outstanding ease of use.


Ring Carnation designs and manufactures class-leading power control and task management systems for special purpose vehicles, including the emergency services, and have proven themselves to withstand the toughest and most exacting working environments.

Power Management

genisys Modern vehicle conversion incorporates increasing levels of auxiliary electrical equipment placing greater demands on vehicle power sources. Old fashioned  ‘hard-wiring’ methods – switches & relays and their associated heavy, cumbersome wiring looms – simply cannot keep-up with the needs of these advanced mobile workstations. Ring Carnation’s power management & control products add intelligence to auxiliary electrical systems, making vehicles easier to use, more capable and significantly more reliable.

Our genisys™ programmable logic control systems are designed to monitor voltage levels and distribute power to where it is needed most whilst maintaining safe vehicle operation. The core strength of genisys™ is its complete configurability to any vehicle’s power demands. This flexibility has meant that genisys™ systems are an integral part of many special purpose vehicles and commercial fleets.

Our systems work to effectively manage available power and to direct it where it is needed most.


  • Programmable to meet any vehicle specification
  • Quicker installation with reduced wiring
  • Battery consumption monitored
  • CANbus interface module available to manage CANbus network data connection


Bespoke Configuration

We understand one size doesn’t fit all. The genisys™ system is a modular system allowing add-ons or software coding bespoke to user requirements to be made prior to installation. Our service team can just supply the units ready for installation or we can pre-install the genisys™ system into an electrical system.

Whether your vehicle is a welfare van, a police response car, a mini coach or an ambulance, genisys™ provides users with a product that is future proof and adapts to solve any technical solution that arises.


System Provision

The genisys™ family of modules includes ECUs, Output Modules, a wide range of user interfaces including Keypads and Touch Screens, CAN interface modules and Protocol Converters for third party system integration


Versatile and Configurable
– for ease of fitment and cost reduction
Modular, scalable hardware that is programmable for a diverse range of applications whilst retaining a standardised range of parts for ease of fitment and optimised inventory

Software driven Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) facilitates a broad range of automated courtesy, safety and power management features
Load Shedding enables Fleet Managers to set which functions are prioritised in the event of battery depletion, preserving power to enable engine starting

genisys™ Voice Alert facility – far more than a warning buzzer
Programmable to provide advice of enabled functions, issue instructions and operator warnings

Optimised weight for system installation – addressing environmental concerns
Use of solid state technology facilitating multiplex modules throughout the vehicle to reduce wiring runs

Simple fault finding – for ease of operator use
The use of module Input/Output (I/O) status lamps provide workshop technicians with information at a glance

Delivery of intelligent chassis inputs via genisys™ CAN interface modules
Integration with ancillary systems
genisys™ Protocol Converter is designed to interface with third party devices and telematics platforms making your genisys™ system the hub of your vehicle

Future Proof Fleet – genisys™ is designed for the long term
Intrinsically reconfigurable and therefore able to meet your changing needs throughout the life of your vehicle