Interior lighting RCV5014
RCV5014 diagram
Interior lighting RCV5014
RCV5014 diagram



  • 900mm baton light
  • 36x LEDS - emit 1250 lumens
  • LED for long life and low power draw
  • Gives broad illumination
  • IP67 - dust and waterproof
  • 200mm cable
  • Three year warranty
  • ECE Regulation 10 approved
900mm LED baton light, ideal for illuminating large interior spaces in vans and other vehicles. Features 36x LEDs, which emit 1250 lumens. Positioned centrally will give wide spread of light. LEDs draw a much lower wattage than equivalent fluorescent tube. Long life, and rated IP67, making it dust and waterproof. Made from resilient aluminium and polycarbonate, with 200mm cable. E approved. Ideal for commercial use.

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Description 900mm LED Baton Light
Feature Non-switched
Voltage 10-30V DC
Watts 18W
Amps 1.5A
Light Spread 180°
Light Source 36 X LED
Light Output 1250 Lumens
Colour Temperature 5300K
Cable Length 200mm
Approvals Reg 10
IP Rating IP67
Product Dimensions (mm) 30 x 984 x 23
Weight (kg) 0.29