Workshop tools RBAG750
Workshop tools RBAG750



Complete health check for your engine system

  • 12V/24V graphical battery analyser
  • Carry out a battery health check on Flooded, AGM or EFB batteries rated up 2000CCA
  • Detect battery charging problems by checking alternator voltages fall within normal operating ranges
  • Check for potential starting problems by measuring battery voltage drop during engine cranking
  • Test earth connections between battery, engine and chassis are in good condition
  • Integrated thermal printer - instantly print test results including garage name and address details
  • Memory storage for up to 80 results, allowing rapid multi-vehicle testing
  • PC software included for download of results and full report printing
  • A handy voltmeter feature checks for flat batteries before each test
  • Comes with robust storage case

The RBAG750 Graphical Battery Analyser can provide a complete health check of the battery and electrical systems of a 12V and 24V vehicle, be it a motorcycle, car or truck. 

This multi-function unit can test and analyse the battery, alternator, starter and vehicle earth via its intuitive graphical interface. Results can be printed using the built-in thermal printer, or downloaded to a computer through a USB. 

RBAG750 Set Up RBAG750 Software

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Description Graphical Battery Analyser
Test Method Load free Microprocessor controlled
Voltage 12/24V
Battery Types 12V SLI, AGM, EFB
Display Type Graphic LCD with backlight
Battery CCA Ranges 40-600 (low range) 100-2000 (high range)
Battery Standards CCA/SAE, DIN, EN1, EN2, IEC, JIS, CA/MCA
Battery Test Yes
AlternatorTest Yes
Diode Ripple Test Yes
Starter Test Yes
Earth Test Yes
Data Downloading & Printing Yes
Integral Printer Yes
Approvals CE
Product Dimensions (mm) 461 x 90 x 352
Weight (kg) 1.766