Fully automatic

  • DC-DC battery charger
  • Converts power from a vehicle's main battery into multistage output for charging an aux battery
  • Maximises charge into the auxiliary battery
  • Programmable for most battery types
  • Low battery shut off to protect main battery
  • Sleep mode to reduce battery strain
  • LCD screen for clear readings
  • Temperature compensation for more accurate results

DC to DC Battery Charger is able to take power from the main vehicle battery or solar panel, then provide a multi-stage output to quickly and fully charge an auxiliary battery. As an alternative to split charge relay systems it can provide a faster, more intelligent charging solution.

Smart charger that is programmable for most battery types. It has a three stage smart charge output for optimal battery performance. Compensates for high voltage or a drop in voltage to maximise charge to auxiliary battery.

To protect main battery, it features low battery shut off and sleep mode to reduce battery strain. Solar panel input with MPPT feature for charging at rest. Includes temperature compensation. Ideal for commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, vans, motorhomes, caravans and boats.

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Description Smart DC-DC Battery Charger
Input Voltage PV: 10-50V DC: 12.6-50V
Max Output Voltage 14.8V
Max Output Current 30A
Sleep Mode Current 20mA
Charge Rates 30A
Battery Capacity 14-500Ah
Battery Compatability Flooded/Calcium/Gel/AGM
Temperature Compensation 25°C ±20mV°C
Operating Temperature -10°C - 45°C
LCD Display Yes
Approvals CE
Product Dimensions (mm) 87 x 203 x 236
Weight (kg) 1.934